the most efficient & decentralized NFT trading platform

At the core, it's an Automated Market Maker (AMM) NFT marketplace that improves NFT liquidity and its trading experience. It enables users to trade and swap NFTs using liquidity pools, exactly like you would trade and swap cryptocurrencies using Uniswap.

Some of the key features of hadeswap are:

  • 0% platform fees from the start - any change to be decided by governance using $HADES token

  • 0% royalty fees per default but you have the possibility to pay them if you wish to do so [not active in lite beta version]

  • Progressive selling/buying of NFTs

  • Earn SOL

Excited? Or not sure if you understood it 100%?

Don't worry - what's under the hood is solid, efficient and safe - feel free to check the details at the end of this documentation, but for now, we'll focus on why hadeswap is something for you and how exactly it works - in such a simple way you'll be able to teach all your friends when they ask you what you do 24/7.

Let's us now explain why hadeswap is THE thing for you!

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