modify my existing liquidity pool

You can always top up your NFT liquidity pools!

You've created an NFT liquidity pool but you would like to add more NFTs to it or more SOL?

Easy. Here's how:

How do I modify my existing pool?

  1. Go to "my pools" top right to see the list of pools you have created.

  2. Pick the NFT liquidity pool you'd like to add liquidity to and once you get on the page of your liquidity pool, press "edit".

  3. There you can change the pricing parameters as well as add assets to your NFT liquidity pool.

  4. Once you've operated the desired changes, press "save changes" and you'll be good to go with your new pool settings!

Now that you know how to create and modify an NFT liquidity pool, we're going to explain how you can collect those juicy trading fees that you've collected by providing two-sided liquidity pools!

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