$HADES - Emission Schedule & Use case

$HADES Emission Schedule
Use cases of the $HADES token:
  • Governance
  • Delegation
  • Auctions of Hades NFT
  • Things we can't reveal yet or they'll be copied...
  • 90% Protocol-Owned liquidity profit buy back (burned)
Deep Dive: Auctions of Underworld NFT and other NFTs
  • Hadeswap will be holding daily auctions for the Underworld NFTs in $HADES only.
  • All $HADES used for auctions will be burned in exchange for emitting the NFTs.
  • MInimum 5 daily auctions taking place.
  • Standard auctions that will have a duration of 24 hours and won't be extended if there is a price war happening at the last minute. Last valid bid wins the auction.
Deep Dive: ABC & Underworld NFTs Staking
  • ABC NFTs supply = 10,000
  • Underworld NFTs supply = 30,000
  • Unstaking has a 21 days cool down period. No emission take place during that period.
  • $HADES is emitted per second (0.1902379039 $HADES per second), with 500,000 $HADES to be distributed each month.