two-sided liquidity pools

This is where things get interesting for people willing to earn from using hadeswap.

Let's get into it - this is a combination of setting up a buying pool and a selling pool simultaneously for the same NFT collection: buying more NFTs if the price drops to a certain level and selling those NFTs if the price increases.

By doing so, you're effectively providing liquidity on both sides to the hadeswap Automated Market Maker (AMM). To incentivize the creation of such pools, you get the ability to collect fees on the spread as people swap in and out of your pool.

As complex as this may sound, the principle is simple in itself: just like on any market, there is always a slight difference in price while selling an asset or buying one - it's exactly off that difference that you can earn! This tried-and-proven DeFi mechanism is now available for you to leverage your precious NFT collections.


Yup - it is. And it's available for you to go crazy with it.

Curious about the impacts such innovation could have on the ecosystem as we know it today? Read on!

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