positive impacts

The ecosystem as a whole benefits from such a marketplace - here's how.

Impact #1: instant sell liquidity for floor NFTs

Higher liquidity implies reduction in volatility of prices, which means that you will most likely always have instant liquidity to buy your floor NFTs. Instead of undercutting the floor price to get liquidity out, just sell to the available pools!

Impact #2: become your own market place

NFT creators can now earn fees by providing liquidity - you can become your very own Magic Eden or OpenSea!

Impact #3: liquidity will eventually spread beyond floor NFTs

In the future, as the liquidity for floor NFTs will become more robust and the spread reduces, there will be more liquidity available for mid-rares. Currently one would argue it's more interesting to buy 2 floor NFTs vs. buying a more rare one simply because the liquidity is heavily concentrated around the floor of a collection, but it's only a matter of time before we could have trait-based pools on hadeswap, which means more liquidity for those rarer NFTs!

Impact #4: no more fat fingers on the listing when selling

That's right, you'll be dumping in the pool instead of absolutely wrecking yourself with a fat finger sell order!

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