two-sided liquidity pools

Time to become your own market, and earn from the generated fees!

Now it's time to dive in the most powerful feature of hadeswap - being able to provide both side of a liquidity pool in order to earn from the fees generated by the pool itself! How? Well, it's a lot more easy than you think!

How do I create a pool to provide NFTs and SOL?

  1. Go to "my pools" top right and then click on "+ create pool".

  2. Pick the NFT collection you would like to create a pool for from the drop down menu.

  3. Click on "do both and earn trading fees"

  4. On the pool settings page of the "create pool", you can fill in the following parameters to put your sell order for the collection or the NFT:

  • "fee" = the fee you want to take on every trade that uses your pool (in %)

  • "spot price" = the price at which you want to start selling your NFT (in SOL)

  • "bonding curve" = which price mechanism do you want to pick (linear curve/exponential curve)

  • "delta" = for a linear curve, that would be the increment (in SOL) that you want to sell the next NFT of the collection at, for the exponential curve, that would be the increase (in %) that you want to sell the next NFT of the collection at.

  • and of course, don't forget to add your assets by pressing "+ select NFTs!"

Once you have selected the desired parameters for your two-sided liquidity pool, click on "create pool", you can sign the transaction and your very own liquidity pool will be active and you're ready to earn trading fees!

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